Integrated Solutions

Integrated Service Solutions

Enjoy the benefits of letting the experts at Titanium Energy Services develop the Integrated Solutions to solve your work-over project.

Directional Ranging Operations

Horizontal or slant directional drilling operational guidance & assistance. Allow the experts at Titanium Energy Services to explain the innovative electric coiled tubing logging & imaging downhole tools.

Slant Well Applications

Titanium Energy Services are equipped to handle angled wellheads, as well as convention vertical wellheads.

Thermal SAGD Operations

Titanium Energy Services competent field workers are equipped to handle high temp thermal well operations providing quality service and safe operations with strict policies & procedures.

Wellbore Clean-Out

Wellbore sand clean-out, foam clean-out, nitrofied wellbore & pipeline clean-outs, short & long range clean-outs. Let experts at Titanium Energy Services develop the operational program with Tubing Force Analysis, designed to minimized pipe cycling & improve production efficiency.

Logging, Imaging & Perforation

Services include: Data Logging, Casing Inspection, Cement Bond Log, Pipe Integrity, Horizontal Formation Analysis, Audiometric Noise Logging, Gyro Logging, Temp & Neutron Logging

Downhole Tool Deployment

The tool deployment system forms two barriers against well pressure for the down-hole tool or Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) to run into the wellbore. Once fully assembled, the coiled tubing equipment is connected and the tool string is run into the wellbore. The procedure is reversed for tool retrieval.